Architecture projects portfolio of Javier Fuentes Quijano

La Tejera

LA TEJERA Executive Design June 2018 La Tejera is an old factory located in Palencia. Its name comes from the roof tiles manufactured in a huge kiln settled on its interior. Besides, the kiln expels fumes through 2 chimneys located next to the building, revealing the building’s old function. The executive design seeks to renovate the …

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La Tejera Point Cloud Scanning

La Tejera Point Cloud Scanning

LA TEJERA POINT CLOUD SCANNING Research Project June 2017 The research project “Refurbishment of Spain’s industrial heritage using BIM methodology and point cloud scanners” at Universidad Europea de Madrid analyzes building’s characteristics & qualities through point cloud files. The project aims to develop a BIM database where all this information is registered for maintenance and cultural purposes, …

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Treviana Art Museum

Treviana art museum

TREVIANA ART MUSEUM Competition December 2018 Treviana art museum is a competition located in Treviana (La Rioja) developed in the last quarter of 2018. The proposal refurbishes an old house located in the central town plaza to build the Romanesque Art Museum of Spain. The project’s concept uses the two main theories of the romanesque architecture …

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LAS SALESAS Executive Design & BIM Management June 2019 Las Salesas is one of the oldest cloisters located in Pamplona’s old town centre abandoned for many years. Although, in 2018 the city council promoted an architectural competition to modify the building’s program and incorporate new offices for Pamplona’s town hall and other public services. The …

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Madrid Nuevo Norte

MADRID NUEVO NORTE Concept Design August 2018 Madrid Nuevo Norte has the objective of reinventing the station and the railway district in the north of the city producing one of the largest urban renewal and space creation initiatives in Europe to date, with 300 hectares. This ambitious project seeks to give life to a disused …

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Ebrosa Building

EBROSA BUILDING Construction Management February 2011 Ebrosa building is a project developed in Madrid’s outskirts (nearby M40 road) from 2008 until 2010. As a construction site manager, the primary task was monitoring and controlling the construction site process, particularly reviewing construction details and solving technical problems on-site. However, complex parts of the project had to be …

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Royal Guard Headquarters El Pardo

Royal Guard Headquarters

ROYAL GUARD HEADQUARTERS BIM Construction Management June 2013 As a construction site manager, I was part of the team in charge of constructing the new Royal Guard Headquarters in El Pardo(a location nearby Madrid). Therefore, the principal duties were monitoring and controlling the construction process, reviewing construction details and solving technical problems with subcontractors and …

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