Construction Management

February 2011


Ebrosa building is a project developed in Madrid’s outskirts (nearby M40 road) from 2008 until 2010. As a construction site manager, the primary task was monitoring and controlling the construction site process, particularly reviewing construction details and solving technical problems on-site. However, complex parts of the project had to be 3D modelled to simulate the construction process and prevent clashes or assembly problems. The architecture office in charge of the project is Lamela Arquitectos.


Construction Site Manager


The building implements complex construction and structural solutions as prestressed concrete floors for the upper plants (with 18m of free span) or the oblique V shape concrete columns in the ground floor. The project also applies different steel structural solutions like a led-illuminated curtain wall with a steel structural framing as the main facade oriented to M-40 road. On the interior, steel structure paths distribute the building’s main areas.
Energy-efficient lighting equipment is applied to automatically regulate the intensity of light needed depending on the exterior conditions.

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