Software Development

April 2021





Project Developer

Modfacade’s software automates the production of prefabricated Porcelanosa’s facades. It is developed using the API of Revit’s software, taking advantage of the potential and benefits embedded in BIM programs.  The software extracts the existing walls’ geometry and applies all the standards and geometrical constraints of the prefabricated systems developed by Porcelanosa, creating a bunch of full prefabricated facades modules ready to fabricate and install on-site. The software also automates shop drawings and bills of quantities besides other technical information required for its installation and manufacture processes. Finally, a prescription presentation is prepared and sent to the architect and manufacturer to start the modules’ production process. The software seeks to multiply the production of prefabricated facades through a simple process that any Revit’s user can perform.

Software Interface


Modfacade Construction & On-site Assembly


Automated Facades Units

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