BIM Management

April 2021

Boadilla Management Centre

Boadilla Management Centre is a project developed during the first quarter of 2021 and consists of a mix-used building that will hold the management services and Boadilla del Monte’s courthouse.


BIM Manager

Project Analysis

The project is divided into 4 different programmatic volumes that will handle different functions and purposes. Besides, all the pieces are surrounded by a facade or a veil that blurs and merges the volumes and functions into a single entity. It is constructed with prefabricated modules in 2 different materials, concrete and aluminium. The modules have different porosity through views and sunlight, depending on the inner functions and orientations. Finally, the project is modulated to expand or shrink some areas accordingly to future events or changes.

BIM Management & Construction

As the project’s BIM Manager, the duties included developing management and assessment services to ensure all model elements’ quality and traceability following international standards. Besides, checking and coordination procedures between different suppliers are implemented via clash detections and model reviews, guaranteeing BIM regulations compliance, quality control and construction viability.

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