Algorithms and scripts portfolio developed by Javier Fuentes Quijano

Misty Atmospheres

Misty Atmospheres

Misty Atmospheres Processing Script December 2020 The script simulates suspended particles sets that are drawn based on distance from the screen. It reproduces a 3D dimension adding a fading algorithm to the particles located farther away from the viewer. The user can dive over those particles, moving the mouse around or touching the screen in …

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Self-Replicant Silworms

Self-Replicant SilkWorms

Self-Replicant SilkWorms Processing Script March 2020 The script replicates wool patterns fabricated by multiple silkworm swarms. Every time the script runs, the silkworms will produce a different stitched design. The user should click or touch the screen to create a new self-replicant silkworm swarm. The swarms act as an agent-based system design which will spread …

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Soft Swarm Behaviour

Soft Swarm Behaviour Processing Script June 2020 The script follows flock birds pattern rules where every agent in the system comes after other agents behaviours. At a particular time, the flock is denser or its shape changes due to external actions (in this case mouse location). Swarm density and internal shape vary depending mouse’s position …

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Triangular Motion Network

Triangular Motion Network

Triangular Motion Network Processing Script July 2020 The script generates a moving grid of points that act like multi-agent systems forming different triangular surfaces when 3 points exceed the threshold distance. Those agent points move with different velocities and directions, forming an interactive motion system. Triangular surfaces have multiple colours depending on the initial tones …

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Robotics Tile Printing Project

Robotics Tile Printing Project Digital Fabrication. Concept Design February 2020 Robotics Tile Printing Project is a direct commission from Porcelanosa Grupo to produce a concept design for a robotics tile system construction. The project tries to preserve the logic and standardization protocols of the tiling construction systems. However, It seeks to reveal the natural expression …

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Blurred Impressionists Landscapes

Blurred Impressionists Landscapes

Blurred Impressionists Landscapes Processing Script December 2020 The script assembles a blurry background with different colours and brush sizes that recreate an abstract living landscape. The blurry atmospheres, vibrant colours and shimmering lights draw by the impressionists are the inspiration and aim of this algorithm. Previous Next


Monobath Software Development April 2021 Cients Porcelanosa Role Project Developer Monobath is a software that automates the production of prefabricated bathrooms assemblies of Porcelanosa. It is developed using the API of Revit’s software, taking advantage of the potential and benefits embedded in BIM programs. At the end of the process, the user will have a …

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Deconstruction of Picasso

Deconstruction of Picasso

Deconstruction of Picasso Processing Script March 2019 The script uses simple forms (pixels) and a limited colour palette (grayscale) to depict the twentieth-century painter Pablo Picasso’s image. It tracks the mouse location to explode the image’s pixels in a 3D environment depending on its lightness value. The result is an abstract illustration showing different perspectives …

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